Meet The Team

The finance Guru Manisha plays a prominent role at Manshreeinfosys. Her management skills are exceptional that keeps the internal work process efficient. Her potential to communicate with clients and team Manshreeinfosys is no less than perfect. Six years of experience in finance and management have flourished her thoughts into unbreakable ideas that can solve any problem quite easily.

The web-maniac Shrikant puts all his thoughts to create flawless and ideal web designs. His 6 years of experience has explored all the insights of web-development and made him a web-champion. His interest doesn’t last till web designs, his ability to create a social media presence is admirable. His strong hands-on programming and expertise in every aspect of web development delivers the work which every client loves to see.

The evidence of creativity can be found in Altaf’s mind. Our graphic designer is no less than any Einstein. His imagination creates wonders in his designs, his ideas are novel and out of the box. Anyone can fall in love with his superior creative work. More than 15 years of experience is evident that he is so passionate about his designing and perfecting his abilities with the passing time.

The knack of developing a business is something which anyone can learn from this man. Nitin drives the company’s growth and provides vision to set the path of success. In 8 years of diversifying experiences, he had learned to deal with many tough situations. With his communication, expertise, knowledge and leadership qualities, he is leading us towards new pinnacles.

The obsession of 2D/3D movies has made Amey an exceptional studio artist. He is innovative and very sharp. His work is eye-catching and his visualization is simply brilliant. He has potential to transform any thought into visual reality. This guy is ultimate in cracking the amazing concepts and execute them flawlessly.